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Dr. Phillip Wrotslavsky, Podiatrist

Dr. Philip Wrotslavsky is a highly respected fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) & a board certified (Foot and Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery) surgeon by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. As a licensed practitioner in the state of California, Dr. Wrotslavsky specializes in diagnosing and treating foot, ankle, and lower leg medical conditions in patients ranging from ingrown toenails & heel spurs to bunion surgery & foot/nail fungus.
Prior to  the fellowship, as the Chief Fellow under the guidance of Dr. Dror Paley and Dr. John Herzenberg in Baltimore, Maryland at the International Center for Limb Lengthening, Dr. Wrotslavsky completed his foot & ankle surgical residency training in New York City. Dr. Wrotslavsky was fortunate to work with a multidisciplinary team of podiatric, orthopedic, vascular, and general physicians and surgeons. 
Philip Wrotslavsky, DPM
The team worked on patients with foot and ankle wound care, diabetics in need of limb salvage or reconstruction, ankle arthroscopy, trauma to the foot or ankle, neurological cavovarus foot reconstruction, and flatfoot reconstruction..... Read More

Joint and Limb Preservation

Preserving Joints - Dr. Wrotslavsky understands the disappointment that can be associated with being told that only joint fusion or joint replacement can treat a particular condition. His goal is to make these procedures a last resort because he knows that joint fusion procedures often cause pain elsewhere and may result in a limited range of motion. If either procedure fails, the result is significant bone loss. That is why Dr. Wrotslavsky always strives to preserve the joins whenever possible via alternative remedies.
Preserving Limbs - Dr. Wrotslavsky strives to preserve limbs and their functionality whenever possible. He uses surgical techniques to aggressively stave off infections while educating patients and family members about tips to help them preserve limbs. He ensures that each patient clearly understands the risks and benefits along with the rehabilitation process that is completed after surgery in order to preserve the functionality of their limbs.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Center Of San Diego

Surgical Procedures


Ankle Replacement Surgery

Ankle arthritis is a debilitating condition that impacts millions of people due to 3 primary causes. 
(1) - Post traumatic arthritis- Results in a stiff, painful ankle after injury that can become painful months or even years after the ankle was injured.
(2) - Osteoarthritis- Also results in a stiff painful ankle. However, it caused by joint degeneration due to long term wear and tear of the ankle joint as one ages.  The causes are not fully understood. However, there may be genetic components as well as the fact that women tend to be affected more than men.
(3) - Rheumatoid arthritis-  This chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder can cause erosion of the joint which can result in an arthritic joint. There are many other forms of arthritis, like Gout and infectious arthritis, with can leave someone with a painful & stiff joint..... Read More

Bunion Surgery

Patented Fixation Method for Bunion Correction
Patients are able to walk sooner
The correction of a bunion deformity, at times, can be a complicated process.  There are a variety of options that require the patient to remain non-weight bearing for 4-6 weeks or longer.  However, a new weight bearing device has been introduced to the market that now allows patients to walk immediately following surgery or soon thereafter..... Read More
Flatfoot Surgery
Advanced Foot and Ankle Center offers several procedures that can be implemented to correct flatfoot. The type of procedure chosen depends on the degree of deformity and the degree of joint damage. Some these treatment procedures have as little as 2 weeks recovery time while some can take as long as 12 weeks..... Watch Videos

Ankle Arthroscopy

This is a surgical procedure that uses a fiber-optic viewing camera in tandem with small surgical tools to operate in and around the ankle joint through small incisions. Ankle arthroscopy is performed for the surgical evaluation and potential treatment of a variety of ankle conditions...... Learn More

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Patient Testimonials
Dr. Wrotslavsky has treated me for diabetic ulcers and Charcot foot. I had multiple ulcers on my toes and feet, which required several surgeries,
and the use of a cast. I am grateful that both of my feet, including my toes, remain intact. I now walk with a mold for my ankle in my
shoes. Dr. Wrotslavsky has always been supportive to my family, and I appreciate his genuine concern for my well-being.
JW, San Diego CA
I underwent bunion surgery about 5 years ago with Dr. Wrotslavsky and have had no pain since. Now I can wear my high heels without
any discomfort. My work as a teacher requires me to be standing on my feet all day. I can now do that thanks to Dr. Wrotslavsky.
LP, La Jolla, CA

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